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an image of a man with red eyes
High Vampire (Kerapac)
High Vampire (Kerapac) | Harry Potter Fanon Wiki | Fandom
a man with long hair and no shirt on is in an underground room holding onto a rope
There's no rope strong enough ! by Vyrhelle-VyrL on DeviantArt
Female Cleric, Npc Rpg, Witch Hunter, Half Elf, Brown Leather Pants, Heroic Fantasy, Rpg Characters, Fantasy Images
Cassandra by Seraph777 on DeviantArt
a character from the video game resident zero standing in front of a dark background holding a knife
Rogue, qingkai yang
ArtStation - Rogue, qingkai yang
a man dressed in red and white holding a knife with his hands on his hips
Viking Assassin, Steve Hong
ArtStation - Viking Assassin, Steve Hong