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a quote from leo the lion that reads leo, the small things you think are
a lion with the caption, they told me i was different best compliment ever leo
Yes I have been told that. Better different than the same!
a lion laying down with the words don't ever make my science for ignorance, my
Don't!! Like a kitty cat we are lovable and loyal to our person, but we also tell you when we've had enough!
a lion walking across a field with a quote on it's back ground that says, leo will always believe in themselves, even if it seems like the whole
the quote leo is an open book without secrets or hidden agendas but that doesn't mean you get to overstep your boundaries
the quote for leo on july 23, 2013
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the quote leo today's fact is that leo may seem to be scared at times and won't show emotions to somebody unless they show their first
This is like meeting someone for the first time. They need to say something first.
the quote leo is about to fight for his life and he will never be able to stay
a black and white sign with the words, things a leo does not tolerate lies
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leo zodiac sign with the words leo on it and an astrological symbol above it
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the zodiac signs say i love you and they mean to be in love with each other
an orange background with the words 3 leos choose their company based on moralss and personality keep it classy or keep it moving
a white poster with the words leo on it
Quotes about Leo
a black and white photo with the words leo, your family role the leader who always make
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the quote for leo is written in black and white
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