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the grand budapest hotel in pink and purple
Minimalist Posters Of Wes Anderson Houses
The Grand Budapest Hotel
a man in uniform reading a newspaper while sitting at a desk with many papers on it
Wes Anderson and the best props in Hollywood: Meet the graphic
The Lutz Military Police Station
three small pink boxes with blue ribbons tied around the top and bottom, sitting on a white surface
local bakery grand budapest hotel annie atkins
an old photo with some writing on it next to a postcard that has the image of marilyn monroe
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Annie Atkins: Grand Budapest Hotel Graphics / on Design Work Life
a collage of different images with words on them
The Society of the Crossed Keys film stills from The Grand Budapest Hotel - Graphic Design for film by Annie Atkins. http://annieatkins.com/
the words mendl's are written in pink
the life of ryan
Design prop: The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson (2014) / designed by Annie Atkins
a person holding up a pink book in front of their face with the words, the grand overlook hotel written on it
Design Envy · In-Movie Graphic Design for "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Book Cover by Annie Atkins. Curator: Cast Iron Design. 'With nearly every scene featuring some degree of fantastic, mostly hand-drawn, typographic design, Annie Atkins made the most out of a dream opportunity to lead the design team for the in-movie graphics in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.'
a painting of a pink building with mountains in the background
Design Envy · The Grand Budapest Hotel poster: Annie Atkins
Irish designer Annie Atkins lived up (and then some) to the monumental dream assignment of handling the graphic design elements for Wes Anderson’s latest feature film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, including this theatrical poster and its custom title treatment.
many old books are stacked on top of each other and tied with red ribbon around them
Annie Atkins, Lead Graphic Designer for the Wes Anderson Film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'
Annie Atkins has found a unique niche for her talents--she specializes in graphic design for filmmakers like Wes Anderson
an assortment of papers, stamps, and other items
grand budapest hotel graphics and prop designer: annie artkins