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two handmade greeting cards with pink flowers and hearts in a box on a table
Set of 3 Quilling Blank Card Set With Boxed Envelopes - Etsy
a pink and white magnet with a woman's face in the shape of a circle
quilling woman magnet | Zazzle
woman quilling magnet |
a white flower with green leaves is on a piece of paper that has been cut in half
549 Me gusta, 44 comentarios - Quilling by AnuK | Anum Kamran (@anum.kamren) en Instagram: "Update: SOLD Bloom Series V "White Lily" It feels great when your artwork is sold before posting…"
an image of multicolored spirals in the shape of mountains on white background
The Blue Lake by Hasnain Anjum
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Colourful paper quilling landscape with rainbow, sheep, cactus, sun, mountains
a blue and white whale jumping out of the water with waves on it's back
Paper Filigree painting Kit - Jumping Whale ( 16*20 inch )