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two different types of knifes are shown in this image, one with gold trim and the other with brown leather
Tabar, Lahore/Punjab
three different types of swords on a black background
Dragons, Samurai, Katana, Katana Swords, Fantasy, Anime Weapons, Sanat
8 branched sword, Toni planells
an artistic set of knifes and chains
Nemesis Whip
two metal sculpturines are shown on a white background
a knife that is laying on top of a tableclothed surface with a black handle
Inspiration, Dark Souls, Agd, Armory, Bloodborne, Axe
What are your favorite weapons in anime/manga?
What are your favorite weapons in anime/manga?
Dnd, Ilustrasi, Jedi Armor
an old style knife is hanging on the side of a white wall and it's black handle
Indian bank sickle/dagger, late 18th to early 19th century, with faceted steel mounts and elephant grips, the toggle ring of silver. The hand forged, sharply edged blade wrought at a 90 degree angle. Overall length 24.5 cm.
two swords are standing on top of each other
Lance of Longinus
Naraka Bladepoint: Death of Empires Pathfinder Rpg, Wow Of Warcraft
Naraka Bladepoint: Greatsword Stats, Combos, SoulJades, & Skins List - zilliongamer
Naraka Bladepoint: Death of Empires