How Then Shall I Live?

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a black and white photo with the words if your gift is to encourages others, be giving give generously if god has given you
Hi! I’m so glad you’ve come to pray! Tonight we’ll be praying for revival by way of praying for our pastors. I’ll pray for mine. Please pray for your own pastors and for any other pastors the Spirit brings to mind. Preparing for prayer..
a white paper with the words just as oil and water cannot mix, faith and worry do not mix make your choice
Pray More, Worry Less
Pray more, worry less. Follow for more Christian content ❤️🙏
a field full of wildflowers with a poem written in the center on it
I have seen Your goodness in the valley
And I have seen the wonders of Your love. And I have seen You're keeping every promise. And I know You have never forsaken me.
a page from the book to the woman of god
To the Woman of God
To the Woman of God