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Artist spotlights, display ideas, and pieces of artwork to inspire your next gallery wall
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Gel Link Pens
This has me totally speechless 😮 Using only graphite pencil and gel ink pens, Lilith from Etsy shop creates abstract geometric mixed media art that we can't get enough of.
Carving Pottery
Vases with fancy bottoms > Etsy seller, twowishstudio’s work is so gorgeous and she just added new pieces to her shop! 🌸
Carving Ceramic Pottery
Etsy seller twowishstudio's work is so gorgeous and she just added new pieces to her shop! 🌸
Mandala Art
Etsy Seller j.schofield.designs paints mandalas to focus, to meditate, and because she just likes looking at them 😌
Bubble Glazed Pottery
When bubble glaze meets traditional glaze ✨ Bonus points to Etsy seller CeramicsbyHannahShop for combining colors too 👏
Botanical Watercolor Art
From real life to paper 🌺 Watch Etsy seller picnicdouille transform beautiful spring flowers into stunning watercolor art. watercolor, watercolor illustration, floral art, flower painting, spring flowers
Spring Linocut Art Print 🌸
Wow. Etsy seller gracegillespieart spent hours carefully carving away the background of this plate to make the beauty of spring into a print 🍒 🌸
Celebrating women in all shades, colors, shapes, and identities 🧡
“The people in my artwork are faceless because I want everyone to be able to see themself in each piece. I want to normalize looking past the color of the skin of the people. I want each viewer to focus on how the art itself makes them feel.” — Melissa from Etsy shop mkoby
Contemporary Stained Glass
“Glass art is affected by light, so the pieces are constantly changing, even throughout the day. It’s like painting with light!” Julieta F. Hartley is on a mission to bring colorful light into everyone's lives 💫 Her Etsy shop was born out of the idea of constant change and evolution. Thanks to her mom, Julieta grew up being encouraged to explore her creativity and has been crafting and making stained glass for eight years. She gets most of her inspiration from glass itself. Hearing what its different textures, patterns, colors and opacity want to say when all together, makes each piece totally unique.
Plant Pottery Designs 🌱
Before and afters never looked so good with these stunning ceramic pottery pieces 😍 Which is your favorite piece?
Woven Tapestry to Add Color to Home Decor
Judit Just from Etsy shop jujujust learned weaving craftsmanship from her mom when she was little. Now she gives old weaving techniques a twist using vibrant color combinations and beautiful vintage threads 🧵🧶
Colorful Paper Art Prints
How does art make you feel? That’s the question Melissa from Etsy shop MKobyArt wants you to ask yourself. Her art prints are made in celebration of people of color and the tranquility that comes from beautiful landscapes 🌿🌻🧡
Gold Line Art Mandala ✨
Precision and patience 👏 Have you ever seen a steadier hand? Everything about Etsy seller ElisaEstudioTienda work is beautiful