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A selection of our favorite items and trends from Etsy. Find everything from mini needle-felted animals, embroidery hoop decor, humorous art prints, enamel…
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Linen Tea Towel Stamping
Those colors 😍 Adding Etsy seller shopjuliepeach's hand-printed tea towels to my summer on the coast 🦞🐚
Sweet Snacks Ceramics Mug
The 'for your sweet snacks' mug from Etsy shop kiwipocashop🍓🍪😋 Filling mine with chocolate chips, raspberries, and gummy bears. What's in yours?
Nostalgic Wire Dexterity Ball
How many of you remember this!? Etsy shop merakisphere just unlocked a childhood memory 🤯
Unique Etsy Finds
I'll go first: a custom watercolor of my dog dressed up like Renaissance-era royalty 🐕👑
Eclectic Paper Goods
Summer Trip Packing
Gotta pack my mini bags before I pack my big bag for my mini bags 👜
DIY Matchstick Holder
Presenting: your next DIY project from Etsy shop foundyesterday 🦢
Incense Molds
Watch a few days of work in just 20 seconds ⏰ "For this order, I started by making a few extra moulds via pressure forming. Each piece is then poured, cured, wet sanded, oiled and sealed with much love at each stage” - Etsy shop amanitalabs
Stained Glass Hanging Art
It's in the details 🌊 Watch Etsy shop GlassArtStories bring this stained glass wave panel to life through the art of soldering
Wooden Embroidery
Entering beach mode thanks to Etsy shop bethjordanstudio 🐚
Glass Blowing Art
Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this glass blown vase by Etsy shop JaneandMery 😱
Wheel Thrown Cute Ceramics
Like printmaking and ceramics but with a surprise 🤯🐶 How cute is this little planter from Etsy seller ycceramics?
Cake Toppers from Etsy
Here’s to new beginnings and a good cake 🎂💔 Divorce parties (yes, you heard us) are on the rise. Go ahead and throw a divorce party for your friend — they deserve it.
Colorful Ceramic Wall Art
The only kind of cicadas I like are hand-painted by Etsy seller laurebreant 🎨