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two pieces of art that are sitting on a piece of cloth, one is cut in half
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simple things to sew for beginners - simplicity sewing patterns
four ways to create textured fabric with text overlay that reads 4 ways to create textured fabric
4 Ways to Create Textured Fabric for a Quilt
a woman is cutting fabric with scissors on a quilted tablecloth that has various patterns and shapes
several pieces of fabric and other items laid out on the floor with pins stuck to them
A February Beginning
a close up of a piece of cloth on a white surface with an orange circle in the center
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four square patches with different designs on them
Lee Ann Walker, 14-2", 3/21/2015, working with circles, foils and long stitches. I like the hand stitch better than the machine stitch, perhaps because the thread was thicker.
four paintings are shown with different colors and designs on the paper, one has birds flying over it
Lots of Activities! Dotee Doll, Scrapbooking, Embroidery and Orchestra
the diagram shows how to make a shoe pattern
Fairy Shoes Pattern and instructions for making shoes from natural objects
two pictures of someone's feet in slippers on the floor
Cosy Slippers From Your Old Woolly Jumper
an old book with diagrams and instructions on how to use the loom for knitting
The Simpler Stitches of Smocking
Creative Sewing Hacks