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Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick & Chuck Wein (1965) by Magnum Photos photographer Burt Glinn, who had a gift for capturing the soul of counter culture. His photos immortalize the style of the period spanning the 1950s Beatniks to the 1960s hippie movement. In this iconic image, three of the 60s' great artistic players – Andy Warhol, his muse Edie Sedgwick and her manager Chuck Wein – are pictured on a New York City street in 1965. Shop this famous capture as a poster by clicking the above link.


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Morik "Albino world: Loneliness" 90x90 sm, acryluc on canvas, 2015


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Keith Simpson, who grew up in St. John Washington, a farming community of about 600 people in eastern WA state, always makes the underdog models of cars. He says, "They are like the cars that you might inherit from your grandparents if you had your sweet 16 in a 1990s suburb. Somewhere in the cars is a dull jab toward privilege and some sincere reverence to the utilitarian. There's no Porsche but maybe there is a beat up 280z, so we’re not doing too bad. They are about coming to know agency, living at an awkward and particular age, driving yourself to school, and smoking cigarettes in the parking lot." Handmade by Keith Simpson Color: Slate Materials: Glazed stoneware Dimensions: H 6" x W 8.5" x D 17.5".


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a painting of a man sitting in a chair holding a hammer and looking at his cell phone
Morik "Albino world: Loneliness" 90x90 sm, acryluc on canvas, 2015
an image of three people in front of a large painting on the side of a church
Pugna, l’installazione di ARYZ all’interno di una chiesa |
a man standing in front of a large red and black painting on the side of a building
Reposting @arthur_vlog_streetart: Petit coup de coeur pour cet artiste italien, Chekos (@chekosart ) et ses portraits façon pochoir que je viens de découvrir... . Ici un mur peint en juillet 2018 à Cassano Delle murge, en Italie. . . . #streetart #streetartparis #parisstreetart #streetartist #graff #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiporn #aerosol #urbanart #arturbain #wallart #pochoir #stencil #stencilism #stencilart #collage #sprayart #artcontemporain #art #artparis #mural #banksy #obeygiant
a large black and white mural on the side of a building
Abstract Motion :: Brendan Monroe's Evolving Art - The Hundreds
a large mural on the side of a building in an urban area with graffiti all over it
#ART #ArtPhotography #Travel #Explore #NY #UrbanArt #Graffiti #StreetArt #ArtLover #ModernArt #ArtstaGram #PositiveVibes
a large mural on the side of a building
Streets of Perth: Couple's graffiti blog becomes global sensation
Nikki Dale and Duncan Atack started Streets of Perth in July 2014, with the intention to showcase street art in their hometown while supporting local artists.
a black and white painting on the side of a building with a person diving into it
Fun Black and White Murals of Friends and Family by Alex Senna — Colossal