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a living room filled with green furniture and flowers
Colorful Pictures of Furnitures in the 1970s
a dining room with yellow cabinets and white chairs
a living room with pink walls and an orange circular mirror on the wall above it
Niessen Smart Hotel | HRuiz-Velazquez Architecture and design
an orange and white bedroom with lots of storage
an aerial view of a living room with couches and tables
houses that 70s architects lived in
a living room filled with furniture and stairs
B22 Design — Paul Rudolph - Halstons’s Town House - NY - 1970
there is a spiral staircase with clothes hanging on it
Marni flagship store by Sybarite, London
a kitchen with yellow and white stripes on the floor, counter tops, stove top oven, sink, and cabinets
All Hail the Colourful Kitchen
the cover of furniture and interiors of the 1970's by anne bohny
the interior of a futuristic looking living room
Retro-Futuristic Living Room
a kitchen with an oven, stove and sink in the middle of it's countertop
Australian House & Garden 1978