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the shelves are made out of wooden boards
Super Simple Stud Shelves
a garage with lots of different equipment and tools on the wall, including an exercise mat
Lift Big in Small Spaces (As Seen on Shark Tank!)
a home gym with several different types of equipment in the room and on the wall
Garage Gym of the Week: Jay and Michelle
the wall is full of different types of gym equipment and accessories for strength training, as well as weight lifting machines
18 Inspirational Examples of Modern Garage Doors
a home gym with barbells, squat racks and mirrors
PRx Performance - Lift Big in Small Spaces (as seen on Shark Tank!)
a wall mounted gym equipment in a garage
PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench
the power rack is shown with measurements for each side, and an additional height to fit it
Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack (2.32m)
a home gym with the words space saving home gyms above it and an orange background
Home Gyms
two pictures of the same gym equipment, one with squats and barbells
Lift Big in Small Spaces (As Seen on Shark Tank!)