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a black and white drawing of flowers with leaves on it's petals are arranged in the shape of a flower
Tangle 54
a red and black pattern with circles on it
Wall Paper ~ Japanese pattern wall paper
an intricate black and white drawing on paper
Sharpie ...... Love this!!
an abstract art print with colorful lines and shapes on the bottom, in bright colors
picchu pink Art Print by Laura Graves | Society6
an abstract black and white pattern is shown in the middle of this image, it appears to be made out of paper
oculto - centuria : Hironori Yasuda—hand-rendered...
an abstract black and white pattern on fabric
Security Envelope Patterns - Black and White
Security Envelope Patterns - Black and White by UglyKitty, via Flickr
an abstract pattern made up of circles
elena nuez | entrada+aros+24
a blue and green wallpaper with leaves on it
DESIGNER - emma frances designs
print & pattern: DESIGNER - emma frances designs
black and white paisley designs on a white background stock photo, images and clippings
Stencils+Of+Paisley+Design | Free Printable Stencils Designs – Fashion and Styling Tips, Trend
a black and white photo of a tennis net
2013 Sketchbook — Jaime Derringer
Motifmotifmotifmotifmotifmotifmotifmotifmotifmotifmoyifmotifmotif motif....
an artistic painting with many different colors and patterns on the surface, including paisleys
paisley jungle tangerine - could this be more perfect?!?! <3
an abstract black and white pattern with wavy lines in the center, as if it were woven on fabric
Bridget Riley Op Art Flowing Lines
By Bridget Riley/Op Art
textile pattern-scalloping Textile Prints, Fabric Design, Shell Pattern, Printing On Fabric, Fabric Patterns
textile pattern-scalloping
a drawing of a tree with swirls and stars on it's branches is shown
Zentangle tree of life
a green and black flower pattern
Banana Republic
Green flowers for days as far as the eye can see | Banana Republic x Marimekko
a blue and white drawing of leaves with a flower on it's center piece
micklyn's Store | Society6
Emerald Green, Navy & Cream Floral & Leaf doodle Art Print
a black and yellow rug with red squares on the bottom, in an abstract pattern
Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
an abstract blue and white background with wavy lines, circles and dots in the center
a book cover with an abstract design on it
Tattooed Sluts Porn: Hot MILF & Teen Tattooed Pornstars | GominekoBooks
Japanese pattern
a piece of art that is on display
Hiapo Gallery
Tapa cloth. ca. 1885 | Hiapo is the Niuean word for tapa cloth. Traditionally it was patterned with designs unique to the island, many of them depicting events that were topical at the time the hiapo was painted. In recent years, hiapo art has been enjoying a revival
a pink and white painting with an intricate design
Water Blossoms
crayon resist?? then felt pen ?? Love the pink watercolour
an image of a doodle on the app store's facebook page, which is also available for purchase
tangles 6
very nice doodle
an abstract black and white pattern that is very similar to the background in this image
Jasna Janekovic
Black and white by jasna.janekovic, via Flickr
black and white drawing of dandelions on a white wallpapered background with leaves
BOOK - Eloise Renouf
print & pattern:"20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature" by Eloise Renouf
a drawing of a pink piano with lots of feathers on it's head and neck
an abstract black and white background with circles, dots and swirls in the center
Account Suspended
Doodle Stell Small (glass pattern)
several different pictures with some colored pencils on them
Zentangle Valentine's Day Ideas
Zentangle Valentine's Day Ideas Beautiful!
two notebooks with different designs on them
Doodle Inspirations......
Drawing Inspiration - great exercise for improving drawing skills for anyone regardless of skill.
four different types of feathers with the words featherfail written in red and black
Featherfall zentangle