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the dominos game is being played by children
Domino Doubles Math Game
Practice your doubles math facts with this fun math game for kids: Domino Doubles Game. It's a fun hands-on way to practice math!
jelly bean game on a table next to some candy candies and a piece of paper that says jelly bean template
Jelly Bean Math from Lakeshore Learning: Children use brightly colored jelly beans to practice sorting, graphing and estimating!
a printable candy heart chart is displayed on a white piece of paper with the words candy hearts written in it
Valentine Heart Candy Math Activities
Lots of Valentine's Day math printables for candy hearts
there are many legos on the table together
Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade
an inflatable swimming pool is next to a bulletin board
S is for Seuss!
K is for Kindergarten: S is for Seuss! - Graphing Activity With One Fish, Two Fish...
there are many pairs of shoes on the floor
Graphing Shoes/Cubes!
DATA ANALYSIS, PROBABILITY AND CONNECTION. Children need to classfy the shoes they are wearing. They sort acoording to the attributes and organize data in a graph. Children use connections among mathematical ideas; they could sort their shoes at home and organize them by attributes.
books that teach graphing plus telling and data collection by less than zero, ages 4 - 7
Teaching Graphs -- Best Children's Books about Graphing (K-Gr.4)
Vivien from #csermooc suggested this list of books! "Illustrating a connection between handing data everyday activities can be introduced early through storytelling. There are so many children's books that deal with quantities, patterns processes that can be used to support activities focusing on data .... Here is a collection of picture books that are just right for this purpose".
a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it
Making a Graph
Adventures in Kindergarten: Making a Graph. This would be great for morning work.