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Cakes in the shape of books (of course.)
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harry potter cupcakes are displayed in a box
Harry Potter Cupcakes
Harry Potter cupcakes!!!
a figurine is stacked high with books on it's head and holding a book
Asterix Cake made by Cupcakes and Dreams
cupcakes decorated with halloween decorations on a wire rack in front of a sign
Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 4 of 69
Sadie's Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Party |
a cake made to look like a book with a wizard hat and wand on top
This Sorting Hat all Harry Potter fans will fall in love with.
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a harry potter birthday cake with a hogwarts book and wand on top,
Sugar and Spice Cakes - Creating Celebrations in Sugar
Awesome Harry Potter Spells Book Cake
an old book with a tag on it sitting on top of a white table cloth
30 Gorgeous and Delicious Literary Cakes
Book Cake
a wooden tray with a notebook, pen and eyeglasses sitting on top of it
Emma Jayne Cake Design
there is a book, cup of coffee and cookies on the table
Edible Art. Book Cake
a stack of books sitting on top of a silver plate
43 Harry Potter Themed Cakes
Harry Potter Book Cake! This is an amazing cake! I would love this (but it's too cool to eat!) #squishable #cutengeeky
a birthday cake made to look like a book with a dragon on it's cover
Dragon On A Book Cake 3.0
I would be happy with just the book cake, like a book of shadows at samhain.
a stack of books sitting on top of a table
Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Regi and Jeff's Stack of Books
Stack of Books wedding cake
a cake made to look like books stacked on top of each other
Another book cake! :-)
a three tiered cake with books on it sitting on top of a wooden table
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If you love books, then this is your cake