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an image of some people and animals in the desert, with one person standing next to them
Rock art - Wikipedia
Petroglyph attributed to Classic Vernal Style, Fremont archaeological culture, eastern Utah, USA.
a large rock with some writing on it in the middle of grass and trees behind it
The Mysterious Petroglyphs of Ometepe, Nicaragua
Snake-like petroglyphs on a rock on Ometepe island, an island formed by two volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua, Republic of Nicaragua.
an image of a hand print on the glass
A new study has revealed that most prehistoric art was probably done by women, because the majority (75%) of handprints found in caves (like this one at Pech Merle, France) have proven to be made by females by digitally measuring the difference in length of the fingers. The ring & index fingers of women are about the same length, whereas the ring fingers of men tend to be longer. Photo by Jean Vertut.
an old bell with writing on it sitting in front of other ancient items and artifacts
Babylonian Kudurru, land grant, 16-17th BCE, Mesopotamia
a rock with writing on it in the desert
Ancient writing on stone in the Bilqis Temple ruins in the Saba Valley. One of the most famous archaeological sites in Yemen, it was once the capital of the Kingdom of Saba (Sheba)
a large stone sitting on top of a lush green field
Ogham stone, county Kerry, Ireland
an animal carved into the side of a rock
Gobleki Tepe
two pictures of gold nuggets in different stages of being held by someone's hand
The gold tablet was found during an excavation around the city of Ashur, now Qual'at Serouat, Iraq, by a team of German archeologists led by Walter Andrae. The inscribed tablet, which was discovered in the foundation of the Ishta Temple, is actually a construction document, according to the judge. It dates to the reign of the Assyrian King Tukulti-Ninurta I (1243-1207 BCE) who expanded the Assyrian empire but was later killed by his son.
an old metal object with stars and crescents on the top, against a green background
The Origins of Egyptian Religion
A cosmetic palette with astrological overtones from Gerzeh dating the Naqada II (3500-3100 BC)
Facial reconstruction of a woman believed to be Arsinoe IV, sister of the famous Cleopatra and likely murdered by her. Queen, Anthropologie, Portrait, Portraits, Cleopatra, Religion, Marco Antonio
9 Facial Reconstructions of Famous Historical Figures
Facial reconstruction of a woman believed to be Arsinoe IV, sister of the famous Cleopatra and likely murdered by her.
an ancient rock painting on the side of a cliff with two people standing next to it
arizona petroglyphs
an ancient egyptian relief with a man holding a staff
Spirit 'lahmu' (detail), his hair is arranged in elaborate ringlets, an ancient style, seen on semi-divine figures, the tassels hanging from his kilt also indicate divine status, he balances a spear on the ground, and the sheath of his dagger is carved with an animal's head, gypsum wall panel relief, North Palace, Kouyunjik, Nineveh, Iraq, neo-assyrian, 645BC-640BC
a statue of a cat sitting in the middle of it's legs with its eyes closed
Key Marco Cat, a Calusa Indian artifact, discovered on Marco Island, FL in 1896 by famed archaeologist Frank H. Cushing, estimated to be between 1000-2000 years old.
an image of rock art on the side of a mountain with people and animals painted on it
Petroglyphs, Moab, Birthing stone
Petroglyphs, Moab, Birthing stone
some people are standing in front of rocks with drawings on them
Navaho Hisory
Petroglyphs of the Dinetah, ancestors of the Navajo people, Largo Canyon, New Mexico
an image of some kind of rock with writing on the rocks and symbols in it
Chaco Canyon Petroglyph
an image of a painting on the side of a wall
Woman gathering honey, watercolour copy by F. Benitez Mellado of a Mesolithic (c. 10,000/8000–c. 3000 bce) painting in the Cueva de la Arana, near Bicorp, Spain; in the Museum of Prehistory, Valencia, Spain.
two busturines of men with beards next to each other, one has a skull on it's head
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The Single Most Important Skeleton Ever Discovered in the Americas is Now Ready to Tell Its Story -- New book on 'Kennewick Man' details hard life in Paleoamerica -- The early American lived nearly 9,000 years ago & was likely in constant pain. He suffered from one injury after another, & his lifestyle offered little time for either rest or recovery. Click through for more photos as well as this fascinating article in its entirety via the Smithsonian Institution.
some rocks that have carvings on them
Nevada petroglyphs the oldest in North America
This May 2012 photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows ancient carvings on limestone boulders in northern Nevada's high desert near Pyramid Lake. The carvings have been confirmed to be the oldest recorded petroglyphs in North America - at least 10,500 years old. The findings were published August 2013 in the Journal of Archaeological Science. This site was once the shoreline of the now dried up Winnemucca Lake. (AP Photo/USGS, Larry Benson)
an ancient painting on the side of a wall
Meteor Shaman
Meteor Shaman, San Rafael Swell, SE Utah; photo by John Mumaw
some people and animals are depicted in this rock art scene with horse, giraffe and man
digital photograph (colour) | British Museum
Detail of painted rock art (pastoral period?) - Karkur Talh, Egypt.
an image of some animals and people in the desert with red paint on their body
Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, KwaZulu Natal
The San people lived in the mountainous Drakensberg area of South Africa for more than 4,000 years, leaving behind them outstanding rock art which throws much light on their way of life and their beliefs.
an image of rock art on the side of a mountain
rock glyph, qaqotorq, greenland | My Website / Blog
rock glyph, qaqotorq, greenland
an aerial view of stonehenge in the grass
Reconcilable Differences
lindholm viking burial grounds
a rock painting with a horse on it
#Prehistoric #Cave #painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History - another drawing - half human half animal???
an egyptian book with writing on it and two men standing next to each other in front of
Book of the Dead detail
an info poster showing the different types of pyramids and how they are used to build them
Inside Pyramids Infographic, Data Visualization Encyclopedia, Information Technology, Symbols, Posters,
Inside Pyramids - inside in Pyramids, Khafre, Khufu, Menkaure, Mısır Piramitleri, npd.snd.org, Piramitler, Piramitlerin içi
an old chinese text with many different symbols and letters on it, all in black and white
an old book with many different designs on the pages and some writing in black ink
The Dresden Codex - This eleventh or twelfth century Mayan folding book is believed to be a copy of a text made about 4 centuries before. Out of the three Maya Codices, each named for the cities in which they are housed, this one is the most complete. As far as historians know, it is also the oldest book written in the Americas.
an image of some type of alphabet
the fine artworks of derrick fludd
Petroglyphs and pictographs represent two distinctive methods for producing rock art. Petroglyphs are carved or pecked into an exposed rock surface, while pictographs are painted onto those surfaces.
an old thermometer is shown with numbers and symbols on it's sides
mud puddle madonna
Runes, Norway 15th C
an old photo of a statue that looks like it is holding something in his hands
Ubaid period, prehistoric Sumeria 4,000 BCE
an intricately carved object on display in a museum
Elixir Of Knowledge
Gobekli Tepe The birdman with the body of twining snakes. "Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.[6] The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life." wikipedia
a piece of paper with writing on it
Ever wanted to know how Irish people wrote before they adopted the Roman Alphabet? This is the 'Ogham Alphabet' and its how the pre-Irish used to write. This book, the "Book of Ballymote". Nobody knows how old it is but its at least from the 1st Century BC
an image of some kind of structure that looks like it is made out of wood
The remains of Tutankamun’s Parents -- Akhenaten, and the mummy only identified as “The Younger Lady” -- and his grandparents, Queen Tiye and Amenhotep III. It was recently proven that this “Younger Lady” mummy is in fact Tutankamun’s mother, and a full sister to Akhenaten. Thus King Tut only had one set of grandparents.
an image of three spirals in the middle of a black and white photo,
Irish and Celtic Artifacts
The symbol of life and energy, also associated with abundance and prosperity, is carved inside the 5000 year-old Newgrange passage mound in County Meath, Ireland. Earth works such as Newgrange have been proven to be ancient solar observatories, whose construction can be said to symbolize the womb of the Goddess. At Newgrange, the male solar deity in the form of light, penetrates the interior of the mound through a long tunnel once a year at the winter solstice. The concept of triplism takes m
a close up of a gold object with a woman's face in the background
Aurignacian art
"A woman views what is claimed to be the oldest known art work at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, Germany. The ivory carving of a mammoth, 35,000 years old, was found in southern Germany."
an image of some kind of rock with swirl designs on the rocks in front of it
xxx ~ 'Carved Stone 9 in Gavrinis Dolmen passage grave, Gulf of Morbihan, Larmor-Baden Morbihan, France. The largest and most decorated tomb in Neolithic Europe with 29 six-foot-tall menhirs carved with labyrinthine fingerprints. Built on a hilltop circa 3400 B.C.E. near the stone rows of Carnac, with the sea rise it is now an island in the Morbihan Gulf.'
an old gold coin with writing on it
The World`s 10 Most Famous Uncracked Codes
The Phaistos Dysk - WORLD`S ANCIENT MYSTERIES: The World`s 10 Most Famous Uncracked Codes
a glass case with some kind of object in it
Shigir Idol - Wikipedia
The Shigir Idol is the most ancient wooden sculpture in the world, made during the Mesolithic period, around 7,500 BCE. It is displayed in the "Historic Exhibition" Museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The radiocarbon dating carried out confirmed by the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Science of Russia in Moscow, gives an age of 9,500 years. It is the most ancient known wooden sculpture in the world.
an ancient rock carving in the desert under a cloudy sky with rocks and writing on it
Southwest Scenes
Hopi Rock Art Petroglyphs on Navajo Reservation in Arizona ©Tom Till
a rock with a cross painted on it
Search 'petroglyphs' on DeviantArt - Discover The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community
Petroglyph from New Mexico
there is a skull and two bones on the ground
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Pompeii: Aug. 25, A.D. 79 1 a.m.: A cloud of gas and ash plunged down on the town; the hot breath of Vesuvius killed the fugitives in a fraction of a second. By studying bone fractures and the position of the remains, anthropologist Paolo Petrone and volcanologist Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo established beyond a doubt that the fugitives were wrapped in a 900-degree Fahrenheit cloud. They died instantly of thermal shock, not from slow suffocation as scientists long assumed.
a stone with writing on it and some holes in the bottom half of it's surface
Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing
World oldest undeciphered writing from 3000BC
an image of some type of symbols on the ground in different colors and sizes,
Paleolithic Symbols: A ground-breaking study by Genevieve von Petzinger shows that dots, lines and other geometric signs found in prehistoric European caves may be the precursor to an ancient system of written communication dating back nearly 30,000 years. Von Petzinger and anthropology professor April Nowell compiled the markings from 146 different sites in Ice Age France, making it possible to compare the signs on a larger scale than had ever previously been attempted. Click through for story
an ancient rock painting with animals and people on it
Prehistoric rock art in the remote valley of Teimareh in central Iran. The valley is full of ancient petroglyphs, belong to 4500 to 17000 years ago. With over 30,000 engraved images, the valley is one of the world's most important petroglyph sites. photos: By: @ Babak A. Tafreshi
an image of a man surrounded by birds and trees
By the Gods!
Utnapishtim - from the Mesopotamian flood myth.
a stone sculpture with animals on it in front of a window at night, next to a bench
picture stone
Viking picture stone
a rock with writing on it in the desert
Hisatsinom - Hopi around 500 years old
cave paintings depicting elephants and horses on the side of a cliff face, with yellow streaks coming from them
30,000 Year Old Cave Paintings
Cave painting of hunters and elephants - Cederberg, South Africa
an ancient rock carving depicting a man holding a shield and sun, with spirals in the background
Petroglyphs Arizona
Petroglyph at Largo Canyon, New Mexico
many different pictures of people with long hair and beards, including one man's face
NEANDERTHAL.The Neanderthals or Neandertals are an extinct species of human in the genus Homo, possibly a subspecies of Homo sapiens. They are very closely related to modern humans, differing in DNA by only 0.3%, which however is twice that of the widest DNA gap found among contemporary humans.
an abstract painting with multiple faces and circles in the shape of people's heads
Wadjina Petroglyphs -- At least 5,000 years old -- Kimberly, Australia