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For the photos in this gallery, the story is in the details. Leave a comment to share your best close-up photography or to let us know how you approach…
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green plants growing on the side of a wall covered in leaves and vines with sunlight shining through them
Going Downhill
Going Downhill | Plant life grows down 3-4 foot cliffs surro… | Flickr
a frog sitting on top of a window covered in raindrops
tree frog on the window in the rain
tree frog on the window in the rain | Leica APO-Macro-Elmari… | Flickr
a small orange and black butterfly on some pink flowers
Close up Butterfly
Close up Butterfly | Taken using a macro lens on Sony A6000.… | Samuel S | Flickr
a close up of a frog's face on the ground
Sm:)e! | American Bullfrog, Wildwood Lake, Harrisburg, Penns… | Flickr
a pink flower with yellow center sitting on top of a green plant
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