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Banana Date Coffee Smoothie | Break an Egg
Welcome to Break an Egg! The series where host Anna Billingskog, Food52's Senior Food Stylist, cooks through a breakfast recipe, either completely original or from a Food52 community member. Follow along for breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) inspiration. Today, Anna is making a Banana Date Coffee smoothie that comes from community member Annie Falk. Originally titled the Coffee & Cacao Smoothie, it's inspired by "The Bee's Funky Buzz."
Serax Handcrafted Metal Fruit Bowls
What makes these handcrafted metal fruit bowls so swoon-worthy? It could be that design by iron sculptor Antonino Sciortino—or the way they play with light and shadow, creating a new scene with every passing hour. Painted iron For fruit or other objects Designed by Antonino Sciortino
a wooden table topped with a bagel next to a coffee pot filled with flowers
Cafe Corner
Fellow's Stagg pour-over kettle is so gorgeous, we can’t wait to leave it out on the stove. This one has a handy thermometer on top, along with a highlighted brew range so you know when you’ve hit the sweet spot. Plus, its weighted handle and precision gooseneck spout make for a slow and steady pour every time. It’s all made from high-grade stainless steel and finished in a matte black that your other kitchenware will be jealous of. #coffeecorner #coffeebar
two plates with slices of toast on them next to coffee cups and a teapot
Fellow Clara French Press, 24 Oz.
Your boldest, richest cup of joe, right this way. The folks at Fellow thought of everything when they designed their 24-ounce Clara French press—and we mean everything.
a table topped with white bowls and cups filled with liquid next to a vase full of flowers
RO Modern Porcelain Coffee & Tea Set
ery piece—from the coffee cups and teapot to the sugar and creamer—is made from sturdy porcelain, with gentle curves that add a modern touch of elegance. (It all happens to be microwave and dishwasher safe, too.) #kitchencounterstyling #coffeebarideas #coffeecorner #coffeebar #coffeecornerideas