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Either you’re already an East Fork pottery fan, or you’ve seen it gracing the tables of chefs and influencers all over. Now, you can snag their dinnerware here—take your pick from plates, coupes, bowls, and more in a medley of glazes.

Dishwasher and microwave safe
Crafted by artisans with regional materials
100% lead-free
This pasta pot, two-in-one colander combo sure is a double-duty pro. (It's also called a pastaiola—who knew?) Made in Italy, it has an induction-friendly, stainless-steel exterior that distributes heat extra evenly, plus a perforated insert that’ll strain those noodles in a snap. Oh, and it doesn’t stop at pasta, either: It can steam and blanch all kinds of veg, or even whip up stock or broth in a flash. Talk about a stovetop hero.
Leave it to our friends at Hawkins New York to dream up dinnerware so versatile, so simple yet striking, so easy to care for, you’ll wanna put it on repeat (much like your favorite album). These essential dishes are all-occasion workhorses that also happen to boast loads of unique touches.

Inspired by hand-thrown designs
Soft rippling with slight raised edges
Mix-and-matchable colors
Microwave and oven safe up to 450°F
Dishwasher safe

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