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a woman in a blue tank top posing for a photo with her hands on her chest
America Ferrera to discuss ‘Life Between Cultures’ at Chancellor’s Lecture
a woman in tights and a top hat on stage with a cane next to a curtain
America Ferrera picture
a woman sitting at a table with a cell phone in her hand and looking off to the side
Here's What The "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" Cast Looks Like Now
a woman in a blue jacket is holding a newspaper and looking off to the side
America Ferrera Makes Shocking Exit From Beloved Series
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a woman wearing a pink suit and holding a silver purse standing next to a white wall
America Ferrera's Latest Ensemble Is Making Us Dream of Spring - E! Online
an image of a woman in a green dress on the oscars red carpet with her purse
79 Short Celebrity Women Who Are 5 Feet, 2 Inches Tall or Under
a woman in a red dress posing for the camera with her hands on her hips
America Ferrera: "To be perfectly honest, I was never a Barbie girl"
a woman standing in front of a house with her hand on her chest and looking at the camera
America Ferrera talks breaking the Hollywood mold
a woman in a purple dress posing for the camera
Photos from Go Behind-the-Scenes of the 2021 Emmys With Your Favorite Stars - E! Online