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an hourglass with people standing in it and the words time is always things that don't do
"If there's a reason I'm still alive when everyone who loves me has died, then I'm willing to wait for it." Hamilton: An American Musical
a circle with flowers and leaves around it that says, i'll do whatever it takes
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Hamilton Dear Theodosia Lyrics Broadway Musical by Crashboomlove
a facebook page with the words write like you're burning out of time
Hamilton Musical
popishplots: NON-STOP! | redbubble - Hamilton Musical
I'm so sad at how much I want the blue one more than the others Starwars Funny, Joker Y Harley Quinn, Admiral Ackbar, Jenifer Lawrence
I'm so sad at how much I want the blue one more than the others
the words who lives who dies who tells your story are lit up in neon lights
Hamlet dies in Act V and is left in Horatio's arms as he weeps for his friend's loss. He tells Fortinbras to spread Hamlet's tale and give him an honorable funeral. Thus it is the living mortals whom tell the stories of the dead and carry their sorrow while mourning their loss. The dead cannot resume their lives and are left to be dealt with in purgatory. In the end, Fortinbras, the conqueror, gives honor to a dead man and tells the slain prince's citizens the story of his epic downfall.
the words love are written in cursive writing on white paper with black ink
music, lyrics, & lettering
wait for it from hamilton
an image of a man surrounded by other people
♛ twistedCaliber ♛
I love how everyone is taking a glance towards Alex except Angelica
a woman in a dress with words written all over her body and head, as if she's wearing a tiara
I Hope You Burn... Hamilton by stagedoormerch
the words history has it's eyes on you written in white ink against a black background
a person standing on top of a pink star
a cityscape with the words look around, look around, eat how lucky we are to be alive right now
Broadway lockscreens — hamilton lockscreens please like or reblog if you...
the poster for death doesn't discriminate between the sinns and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes and we keep living anyway | Hamilton Lyric Posters (8/?)
a sign that says i used to have a life and then listened to hamilton
Influence Maps
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