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a person holding a pine cone and christmas decoration
What's Your Favorite Christmas "Style"?
two pine cones tied to a door hanger
Red Check Christmas
Red Check Christmas
Give Old Clothes A New Purpose!
Give Old Clothes A New Purpose! • These old clothes can be made into something new! For DIY Wall Planters: • Shirt Sleeves • Rubber Band • Pot • Make Your Own Wall Planter! For DIY Lamp Shade: • Dolly Lamp Shade • Mixing Bowl & Gloves • Grey Cement • LET DRY For Tank Top Bag: • Red Tank Top • Fabric Scissors • String + Safety Pin For DIY Mask: • Orphan Sock • Fabric Scissors
a woman wearing a green knitted shawl and blue shirt standing in front of trees
Counterpoint pattern by Sheryl Thies
a group of dolls sitting next to each other
Have Old Socks Ever Been This Cute?
<p>A+few+years+back,+I+wrote+a+post+describing+the+ever-growing+pile+of+unmatched+socks+in+my+closet.+ Time+has+passed,+and+the+pile+has+continued+to+grow.+ Yes,+every+now+and+then,+I+do+find+the+odd+match+under+the+couch+or+behind+the+bed,+but+for+some+strange+…</p><div+style="padding-bottom:20px;+padding-top:10px;"+><!--+Hupso+Share+Buttons+-+><a+class="hupso_counters"+href=""><img+src="