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two cartoon characters with caption in the film coraline 2009, the other mother makes her idea of a perfect dental world for coraline
In the film Coraline (2009), the other mother makes her idea of a “perfect identical world" for Coraline. This also includes such fine details as fixing her real mother’s crooked nose. - iFunny
an article from the movie coco and friends with pictures of characters in different poses, including one
coraline was a dark movie tbh - FunSubstance
four black and white cats with yellow eyes
an image of a cartoon character with the caption that says, i'm going to
Zootopia being wholsome
an image of a house on top of a hill with the words, she speed on our lives through the little doll's eyes and saw that we went't happy
One of my favorite Coraline quotes Could easily be analyzed as an eerie metaphor for an eating disorder
an animated movie scene with the words, i don't know what it is
ParaNorman...I really liked this movie. Good for older kids, sent a great message that they could actually understand!