Having fresh herbs growing in your garden looks fantastic and they are easy to grow too. What's more, fresh herbs have more flavour than dried herbs and can be…
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a bottle filled with mint leaves next to a pepper grinder
How to Make Mint Extract
homemade peppermint extract - something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I've got a bunch of vanilla extract almost done - this is next!
four pictures showing different types of food in trays
TIps on Drying and Preserving Herbs – Page 3
Herbs in "frozen" olive oil is one of my favorite ways to harvest. The herbs don't get dry , brown and brittle in the same way they do when they get frozen in water. They also retain their scent and flavor much more effectively!
the cover of how and when to harvest herbs, with pictures of different plants in it
Home - Sequin Gardens
Summer may be drawing to a close, but dont despair. The end of the summer growing season means one thing - its harvest time! Learn how and when to harvest your herbs: - Sequin Gardens
herbs hanging from clothes line with text overlay saying why and how to dry your own herbs
Why and How to Dry Your Own Herbs
Why and how to dry your own herbs | ourheritageofhealth.com
some plants that are growing in pots on a table with the words, 12 best herbs to grow indoors
12 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors | Easiest Indoor Herbs
best herb to grow indoors
three potted plants with the words herb container gardening 101 five do's and don'ts
5 Dos and Don'ts for Planting Herbs - Western Garden Centers
Number 5 on @WesternGardens3 list of Dos and Don't for Planting Herbs is finding a pot that has enough room for excess water to drain. Southern Patio's line of Resin Newbury Planters range in size from 6" - 20" and include drain holes in the bottom. The poly-resin construction of the Newbury planter series provides a sturdy product that is also light weight and UV protected. http://www.southernpatio.com/products/newbury/ns1208bk-12-newbury-self-watering-poly-planter-black/
two potted plants sitting on top of a table with text overlay that reads, 10
Great informative article to read. If you planning to grow some herbs in your garden or pot then must read this. #organicgardening
various herbs and water in glass jars with text overlay that reads 10 delicious herbs you can grow indoors in water all year long
25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water
10 Delicious Herbs You Can Grow Indoors In WATER All Year Long
some very pretty purple flowers in the grass
Lavendula. Compact bushy shrub with aromatic grey-green leaves and broad spikes of fragrant dark purple flowers topped by purple flags.
a close up of a plant in a pot with green leaves on the top and bottom
Corriander Leaves.
small white and purple flowers in a garden
Flowering Thyme Herb.
a close up view of some green plants
Thyme of Provence. As the name suggests, commonly in the mediteranean garden and used for cooking. Dark green upright, bushy foliage with pink flowers. Ideal for herb gardens, pots, paths, rockeries and raised beds or borders. Thymes of different foliage and flowering colour should be mixed to produced a variable, colourful mat through the year.
some pink flowers are growing in the grass
Chives are popular perennial bulbs that spread to form neat tufted clumps.