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a painting of colorful flowers in a vase
#gerrysgallery #dahlias #flowers #watercolour
a drawing of a child holding an autumn leaf in front of her face and making the peace sign
Out of Reach
watercolor painting of pink and yellow flowers
Poppy Field
a painting of an old stone house with green doors and flowers in the foreground
A Lifetime Forgotten
a painting of a red rose with green leaves
Rose Splash
The web site of gerrysgallery..Rose Splash
an abstract painting with lots of colors on it
The web site of gerrysgallery..Gently Spray
a painting of an old building in the middle of a field with trees around it
The web site of gerrysgallery
Gerry's Gallery: Cu Chulainn's Castle
a painting of a dog laying down with flowers in it's mouth and looking at the camera
Best Friend
Gerry's Gallery: Best Friend
two cartoon pictures with people standing on a boat and one is pointing at the sky
Gerry's Gallery
a painting of an open window with potted plants and flowers in front of it
Window Box
The web site of gerrysgallery..Window Box
a painting of a woman holding a bucket and watering the ground in front of a stone wall
a watercolor painting of flowers on a window sill
Green Pump
The web site of gerrysgallery..Green Pump
a drawing of a stone wall with a small window in the middle and a statue at the bottom
Faughart Shrine
Gerry's Gallery: Faughart Shrine
a drawing of a road with trees on both sides and a gate in the middle
Coffin Bridge(Bellew's Bridge)
The web site of gerrysgallery..Coffin Bridge Bellew's Bridge
a drawing of a person standing next to a bike in front of an old building
The web site of gerrysgallery
Mammy's Bike