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a large closet filled with lots of shoes and vases on top of a counter
Gray Closets - Contemporary - closet - Marks & Frantz
Glass-topped island, mirrored doors, jewelry dresser, and lots of shoes! Marks & Frantz - gray closet
the kitchen is very large and has an island with seating for four in front of it
Dream on......
white/cream kitchen with black granite counter tops
a large white house with lots of windows and ivy growing on it's walls
Unique Home Architecture
a large kitchen with white cabinets and wood flooring on the counter top, along with an island in the middle
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Kitchen LOVE the dark countertops & paned cabinets, the beams on the ceiling...
a large kitchen with an island in the middle and two stools next to it
Makeover: A Kitchen Reno With Country Details
kitchen island idea
a large kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, along with an island table
Madison Avenue Apartment
French Townhouse - Peter Pennoyer Architects
an image of a room with stairs and furniture in the house on instagrams
101 Foyer Ideas for Great First Impressions (Photos)
Double arched stairs descending down the round foyer creating a two-story entrance way. Floor is grey tile. Foyer leads up a landing into the Dining Room. #HomeStratosphere
this is the floor plan for these luxury home plans, which include two master suites and three
Plan 64725 | Order Code: 00WEB | FamilyHomePlans.com | 800-482-0464
Love this floor plan
an arched doorway leading to a bathroom with towels on the shelves and toiletries in the closet
Photo Library
Warming room as you exit the shower; heated lights allow the room to warm up before you have to get out of the shower. This area has storage for towels, robes, and lotions as you exit the shower. Yes, I think my dream home should have this!!