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an older woman is standing in front of a house and looking off into the distance
two women standing next to each other at an event
Julie Andrews
an older woman wearing a white jacket and black pants at the rolex gala event
Julie Andrews attends the Los Angeles Philharmonic opening night...
two women and a boy sitting on the beach
three women sitting on a couch smiling for the camera
a woman sitting down with her hand on her chin
an older woman with short hair and blue eyes smiles at the camera while standing in front of a floral backdrop
a woman wearing a purple hat with flowers on it and other people in the background
two women are posing for a photo together, one is smiling and the other has her arm around another woman's shoulder
a woman sitting in a chair with her arms crossed and looking at the camera smiling
an older woman waves to the crowd as she stands on a boat in front of other people
Julie Andrews, 83, kisses Venice Golden Lion honoring 60-year career