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an aerial view of the water and land near a large body of water with boats in it
an image of a plan for a building in the middle of water with three towers
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and water in the foreground
a model of a castle with water and trees
an aerial view of a construction site next to the ocean
a river running through a city with lots of buildings on the other side of it
a large metal bell sitting on top of a lush green field
an old black and white photo of a building with a clock tower in the background
Memel Postamt
four different medals are shown together in three pictures, each with a cross on it
Medal for the Liberation of Klaipeda (Memel), (Klaipėdos Išvadavimo Medalis), 1925
a boat floating on top of a large body of water
the city is covered in smoggy haze with tall buildings and cranes on top
a narrow cobblestone street with buildings on both sides and clouds in the sky
an empty street with some buildings in the background
a cobblestone street lined with red brick buildings on either side of the road
cars are parked on the street in front of tall buildings and cloudy skies above them