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a living room filled with furniture and hanging lights
ワイピング仕上の鋼板がヴィンテージ感を醸し出すペンダントライト ダイニングの照明実例集 | 照明のライティングファクトリー
ビンテージ風 LEDペンダント ODELIC (ダイニング)
an empty table and chairs in front of a wall with wooden slats on it
The Penny Drop | インテリアデザイン, カフェのインテリアデザイン, 内装
Huntly | The Penny Drop:
an overhead view of multiple metal structures in a building
True Burger Bar (Kiev, Ukraine)
McKenna's barn will have 2 large windows (no need for brick) with comfortable looking window seat to view large pine tree landscape to maintain color through the the change of seasons.
an empty restaurant with wooden benches and tables in the foreground is lit by hanging lights
Fragments of architecture
Pablo Rusty’s / Giant Design #restaurant #cafe #industrial #rustic #eclectic
a kitchen with an island and four chairs
目指せ男前インテリア☆ビターでクールな海外のキッチン15選+α もっと見る
the restaurant is decorated with blackboard and white lights
1F 交誼廳 (桌椅參考) or B1 交誼區 (牆面參考)
a man standing behind a counter in a restaurant
Top Paddock Richmond | Design Addicts | Global Interior Design blog
Top Paddock Richmond
a coffee stand with potted plants in the foreground and an open counter behind it
まだ名前がないcoffee stand 明治神宮前 | Favorite place  - cafe hopping -
まだ名前がないcoffee stand 明治神宮前 : Favorite place
the inside of a coffee shop with lots of counter space and hanging lights above it
Fragments of architecture
the inside of a restaurant with tables and stools in front of an illuminated sign
Preach Café by De Simone Design
Healthy eating has reached new heights at Preach Café in Bondi Beach. De Simone Design has brought the healthy lifestyle mantra through to the fitout.