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a man talking on a cell phone in front of an old fashioned tv set with the caption that reads, this is the doctor he's 90 years old he's from the planet gallery
The Doctor: literally a five year old in a grown Time Lord's body. And we love him for it.
an image of a doctor who is flying through the air with his handwritten message
Geek T-Shirts for Sale
an older man with a red hat and glasses in the middle of a movie scene
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
One of the scenes that broke your heart.
doctor who is on the beach with text that reads, i'm not sure if you
Wifeception: only on Doctor Who
the many faces of doctor who are in different colors and sizes, from one person to another
The Girl you like. Doctor Who version - Movie & TV
The Girl you like. Doctor Who version
many different pictures of people with glasses and hats on them, including one man in the middle
Everything is cool...except that - matt smith doctor who
a group of red and white dalen hats with text that reads, glorious madness we wish you extermination we wish you determination and would you like some tea
Dalek Christmas carol?!? What madness is this?
the doctor who is talking on his cell phone with another person in the background and text that
Doctor Who Fan Art: Doctor who Funny!
So I used to see this meme on Pinterest all the time before I watched Doctor Who and when I started and finally saw this part of that episode, I laughed so freaking hard I had to step away for a minute and then come back and rewind what I missed.
the avengers movie scene is shown in purple and black with text that reads, we have an intruder how did he get in?
Doctor who reference I'm Doctor Who!! Twice in one episode! Way to go Doctor!!
the doctor who is talking to someone on his phone and then he's holding something in his hand
Still a cosmic nine year old? C'mon, he will never NOT be a cosmic nine year old...
two pictures showing how to draw a spiderman mask and the same drawing as it appears on
It's best because it's on a piece of schoolwork
the doctor who is talking to someone about tea
How British Are You?
Exactly what I thought. All you need to add is something that says keep calm and carry on, and the Universe would explode (again) from all the Britishness concentrated in on place. What really cracked the universe.
Loki's Wife
maybedrown:aurora-archus:clashofclansgallifrey:This is just made of winI tried so hard to scroll past thisyou can’t not
the doctor who is talking to another person in front of him and his name on it
Why I love Doctor Who // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
the doctor who is standing in front of a phone booth