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a row of stuffed animals sitting on top of a bed next to a pink wall
Floppy dogs !!!!
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1984 Little Golden Book - "Rainbow Brite and the Brook Meadow Deer"
four different pictures of animals with hats and clothes, one is holding a sticker
Shirt Tales Valentines, 1983
an old children's easter egg decor kit with pink hair and red wigs
Easter Egg Decorating Kits ~ Packaging [1980’s] | Retro Musings
an image of a dog with pink hair and ice cream
an advertisement for poochie from the early 20th century, featuring a girl with pink hair and sunglasses
the disney princesses stickers are all in different colors and sizes, with names on them
Rose-Petal Place Stickers
an image of a children's book with the title rose petal place coloring book
Rose-Petal Place Coloring Book
rose petal place coloring pages | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...
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The Wuzzles Clip Art