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a blue barrel sitting on top of a wooden stand next to flowers and dirt ground
DIY composter tumbler - 55 gallon barrel project
an image of a blue tank with some tools on it
3 Ways to Build a Tumbling Composter
three different views of a wooden structure with two barrels attached to the top and bottom
the green roof is being made from plastic bottles
Recycle plastic bottles into a greenhouse Roof
an outdoor chicken coop made out of pallets with the words compost bin you can build yourself in one day
Easy Compost bin you can build yourself in one day - The Owner-Builder Network
By building your own compost bin you’re not only making your garden and produce happy, but the environment as well.
several stages of growing plants in an urban garden, including trelliss and raised beds
Les plantes grimpantes en permaculture : le guide complet
three wooden planters in the middle of a garden
Homed: NZ real estate news, decor, design, DIY, gardening
an outdoor garden shed with plants growing in it
How to Make the Ultimate Compost Bin with Recycled Pallets • 1001 Pallets
there are three metal buckets hanging from the side of a house with tools in it
Rain barrel idea...
a tall wooden structure sitting next to a house
Stacked Rain Barrels
a dog standing next to two blue barrels