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two green chairs and a small table with a cushion on it, both sitting side by side
Garden Furniture
Copa Garden Aperitif Set, Citrus Green
a wooden deck with plants on it and a grill in the back ground next to it
SPA TRELLIS PLANTER | Trade Me Marketplace
This planter is perfect for privacy round a spa ! Box is 740mm h x3m long and 500mm w , comes with a base that can be height adjusted.
purple flowers are in the foreground and green grass on the far side of the fence
Wooden Garden Fence Panels | Free Delivery For Most UK Postcodes
Contemporary Fence Panel - 6ft
an outdoor planter filled with plants next to a fence and pillows on the ground
Planter box with trellis screen | Christchurch | Canterbury | NZ
red tulips are lined up along the side of a long row of grass
Stipa Tenuissima and Black Tulips | This is the third side o… | Flickr
a drawing of a garden with tables and chairs
Plano para jardim
this is an artist's rendering of a house in the woods with trees and shrubs
Long Garden
a garden with flowers and trees in it
Optische Täuschung - die wichtigsten Gestaltungstricks
Zeichung Gartenaufteilung
a garden with tables and chairs around it
Schmale Gärten breiter wirken lassen
Gartengestaltung Mit unterschiedlich langen Rankgittern wird dieser Garten so unterteilt, dass er von der Terrasse aus nur teilweise einzusehen ist
an artist's rendering of a backyard garden
1 Garten, 2 Ideen für einen schmalen Stadtgarten
Himalaja-Birken als Gerüstbildner bringen mit ihrer weißen Rinde und ihrem goldgefärbten Laub im Herbst angenehme Kontraste in den Garten
an image of a garden design for a house
With long narrow gardens, you can create the impression of width by creating curves. The second tip is to add height to the borders, that way you won't be able to see the whole garden at once and it appears there is something round the corner. http://plantplots.com/ More
some pink and white flowers in front of a wooden fence on the side of a yard
11 design ideas to suit long, narrow gardens
Wildflowers along a backyard fence
an outdoor table with two chairs and an umbrella
11 design ideas to suit long, narrow gardens
Garden planting detail around seating area with bamboo
purple and red flowers growing in the grass
11 design ideas to suit long, narrow gardens
Verbena (Verbena bonariensis) and crocosmia (Crocosmia)