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a letter sent by a school principals is shown in this screenshot from an email
If only the world had more humans like this principle… - Wholesome
a bulletin board with many different types of letters and numbers on it in a hallway
Boho Classroom Decor Inspiration: My Favorite Modern Boho Themed Class - Miss Jacobs Little Learners
a blue background with the words, mom shortcut 388 school having trouble in math? try this study hack
Brilliant School Hacks Everyone Should Know! - Beenke
an open notebook with some writing on it and a pencil in the middle that says complex sentences
Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Interactive Notes Activity
{FREEBIE!} Interactive Notes: Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
a poster with information about sharks and other marine animals on it's side, in front of a wooden wall
Anchor Chart ROUND UP!
Hey everyone! Karen here from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten ! The year seems to be winding down for many of us (okay I still have over 40 d...
two posters with different types of writing on them, one has an image of a child's head and the other says reading is thinking
Mandy's Tips for Teachers: October 2013
Mandy's Tips for Teachers: reading strategies anchor chart
Writing Office Bundle
These writing offices will transform your students' independence and writing skills. There are a variety of helpful anchor charts in both sets. Use exclusively for primary or for upper elementary... or mix and match them to create the perfect differentiated office! The writing process will become more natural for elementary students! #anchorcharts #writing #writingtips #writersworkshop #anchorcharts #writingprocess #writingoffice
two notebooks with notes attached to them on a white board in a classroom setting
Printing a Poster... the Cheapskate Way!
Musings from the Middle School: Printing a Poster... the Cheapskate Way!
Upper Elementary Writing Office