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A l y a n n a
// Oliviasavidge


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Night out

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Grumpy Al's Dinner El bar de Al "el gruñón"


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a green car parked next to a tree
i love my 911
Instagram, Pink, Fotos, Photo, Aesthetic, Classy Aesthetic, Aesthetic Photo, Fotografie, Beige Aesthetic
Faking Elegance H.S. - kmckennam12 - Wattpad
an old sheet music with people playing musical instruments and dancing on the notes in it
Using Art to Bring Sheet Music to Life
Inspiration, Feminist Art, Being Ugly, Protest Art, Equality, Warning Signs, Body Issues, Consumerism, To Sell
How to sell shit to women
a woman laying in an inflatable pool with the words you're so full on it
you're so full of shit
a drawing of a woman's legs wearing white boots with flowers on the heel
a woman laying on top of a boat in the water
Finding Inspiration in Life
the words art should comfort the disturb and destroy the table written on an old book page
four different colored tickets with the words, i love forever and my time
My Illustration Portfolio — Octavia Bromell