“If I win, I will buy Camp Wawanawkwa, burn it, and build a graveyard on it."
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a drawing of a woman with a snake around her neck and boots, holding a cell phone
a cartoon character is reading a book by the water
a cartoon character holding skis in her hands
total drama | Total Drama Island gwen
two cartoon characters, one with black hair and the other with blue hair wearing boots
three different poses of a woman with green hair
an anime character with blue hair and green eyes is posing for the camera, her arms crossed
Gwen Total Drama island animated series
an animated girl with green hair and blue eyes, wearing a purple shirt is looking at the camera
Total Drama Gwen Costumes, Fandom, Draw, Fandoms, Character
Total Drama Gwen
Fantasy Character Design
a drawing of a woman dressed as a super hero catwoman in purple and black