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a black and white photo of a tall building
One Drawing Challenge: 100 Drawings That Tell Powerful Stories About Architecture - Architizer Journal
a white sculpture with circles and rings on it
Automotive Showroom and Leisure Centre by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture | Dezeen
a hand holding a model of a white building
Buoyant Ecologies Oakland — Architectural Ecologies Lab
an architectural rendering of a building with multiple levels and different sections, including the top floor
Gallery of Co-Living, Custom-Order Homes, and Creative Economies: Is This the Future of High-Density Housing? - 5
an artistic drawing of a tree with lots of cups on it's top and bottom
Bartlett School of Architecture Catalogue 2010
#ClippedOnIssuu from Bartlett School of Architecture Catalogue 2010
an abstract black and white photograph of some type of structure
FA14_Jie Xu tertiary structures
an abstract painting with blue and white lines on black paper, including spirals and curves
Glass interior project
Glass interior project on Behance