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two open boxes of cookies on a pink background
Confectionery Boxes
Hand painted surface design for cookie & macaron packaging
an orange and white album cover with mountains in the background on a black vinyl record
Record Sleeve Design
Mountains cut from mono printed newsprint and a gouache painted orange sun.
a black and white album cover with an abstract design on the front, featuring mountains
Record Sleeve Design
A monochrome landscape of three mountains.
pink and blue paper with gold lines on it
Paint Stroke Patterned Square Notecards
A set of 12 square notecards in pastel tones. The borders are designed from hand painted brush strokes and are surrounded with gold leaf details.
several different colored envelopes with designs on them and one is pink, blue, purple, and white
Stationary Surface Design
A5 writing set with matching envelopes. Palm motifs and patterns created using painted brush stroke textures.
six different colored envelopes with polka dot designs on the front and back, all lined up in pastel colors
Writing Paper Set
Three unique stationary designs in pastel colours of pink, lilac and turquoise. Illustrated with a selection of custom designed patterns, floral motifs and polka dots.
two envelopes with confetti paper on them, one opened and the other closed
Writing Paper Stationary Design
Blue and polka dot patterned A5 writing set with matching envelope.
two soda cans one is blue and the other has peaches on it's side
Drinks Can Packaging & Surface Design
Graphic design and illustration for a drinks brand.
a can of peach tea on an orange background
Craft Beer Surface Design
Peach illustration used in the packaging design for a drinks brand.
a can of pop my cherry on a pink background
Craft Beer Design
Cherry fruit illustration with informative graphic style hand designed for a drinks brand.
three square boxes with designs on them stacked up in the same stack, one is pink and green
Packaging Design for Soap
Cosmetic brand surface design featuring floral patterns and label design.
two boxes are stacked on top of each other, one has a label that says bud bud
Soap Packaging Design
Surface design for soap brand Sud Off. Patterns made from floral motifs inspired by pomegranates.
three boxes are stacked on top of each other with different patterns and colors in them
Floral Surface Design Soap Packaging
A stack of four unique packaging wrappers decorated with floral motifs.
three square boxes with designs on them stacked up in the same stack, one is pink and green
Floral Patterned Surface Design for Cosmetics
A series of hand painted floral motifs designed for soap packaging.
a pink and green gift box sitting on top of a table next to a paper bag
Soap Surface Design Packaging
Floral motif patterned gift bag and gift wrap for bath products.