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there are two bunk beds in this room and one is on the floor with people
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So much room for activities...
the floor plan for a small log cabin
Small Cabin Plan with loft | Small Cabin House Plans
http://www.maxhouseplans.com/home-plans/small-cabin-plan/ Small Cabin Plan with loft | Small Cabin House Plans... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All
the floor plan for an apartment with two bedroom, one bathroom and another living room
Coolest PreFab Home by Home Depot
this one is cute, with the courtyard. Also it is prefab. easier to get up the hill and thru woods to our spot.
a room with bunk beds and rugs on the floor in front of it,
All I Need is a Little Cabin in the Woods (38 Photos)
A Cabin in the Woods is All I Need (14)
there are bunk beds in this room with ladders on the ceiling and a dog sitting on the floor
Get The Look: Colorado’s Scarp Ridge Lodge
Pattern 186: COMMUNAL SLEEPING___(...) it may be a vital social function, which plays a role as fundamental and necessary as communtal eating. (...) There might be a place in the commons - not in any one person's private space - (...) where late at night after people have been together for the evening and the fire is dying out, it is simple to draw together and sleep. (...) The solution must be simple and must involve nothing more than reaching for a blanket and a mat.___from A Pattern Language