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christmas cracker cookies are stacked on top of each other with green and red candies
The BEST Christmas Crack Recipe (Saltine Cracker Toffee) - Mom On Timeout
This Christmas Crack recipe is the easiest treat you'll make this holiday season! With just a handful of ingredients, this saltine cracker toffee is ready to go in just about 15 minutes! Truly, the perfect combination of sweet and salty! A must make for Christmas!
some crackers are being poured into a pan
The Most Addicting Dessert You'll Ever Eat!
Sticky Paws (Almond caramel chocolate clusters)
the cover of a cookbook with peanut brittles on it and text that reads, microwave nut brittle get recipe
Never-Fail Peanut Brittle
We think this fast and easy microwave version of a holiday classic is better than its stove-top counterpart. Its light, airy bite; top-notch flavor, and doesn't-get-stuck-in-your-teeth consistency make it worth putting aside any microwave (and corn syrup) bias you might have to give it a try. Stick with classic peanut brittle or use any other nut you'd like.