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DIY Photo Booth Ideas For Your Next Shindig | DIY Projects
How to Make a Wedding Photo Booth | Invitation Photo Booth by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/20-diy-photo-booth-ideas/
a wedding shadow box with flowers and other items in it that reads how to make a wedding shadowbox
Prepare for your upcoming wedding by saving mementos for a shadow box! This is the perfect way to preserve special items from your big day. Save your bouquet (and have someone preserve it while you are on your honeymoon), marriage license, invitation, napkin, program, boutonniere, headband, cake topper, and party favor.
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Bachelorette Party Weekend!!!
Hmmmm interesting!!! Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas | few unique DIY ideas for a spectacular ... | Bachelorette Party
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This Bride Asked Her 89-Year-Old Grandma To Be Her Bridesmaid
When Christine Quinn tied the knot in May 2015, her group of bridesmaids included two friends, one sister...and one grandma.