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an owl is flying through the night sky
by Veronique Cole
an artistic painting with green leaves and clouds
Лесная поляна
a green book with white flowers and writing on the front cover that says, flower wonder
Indigo Dreams
an old book with gold trimmings and floral designs on the front, sitting on a white surface
to love many things
Thomas van Os, calfskin bookbinding, 1778-80 (via).
an old book with red flowers and green leaves on the cover, in front of a gold background
English Idylls
two bees sitting on top of a red and white rooster's head with green leaves
Glutton Before Death: a poem — Lauren Kindle
an ornately painted wooden door in the middle of a building with wood slats on it
Vernacular arts and crafts
an illustration of a plant with pink flowers
Antique prints by Abraham Munting 1696
three parrots and two parakeets in a landscape
Things of beauty I like to see
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch next to a bird's nest
Martin Johnson Heade and the Hudson River School