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Cleaning Hack 2023
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How to make a natural detergent using conkers | JoesGarden
This time of the year conkers are everywhere, and they have a super cool use! Conkers contain a 100% natural ingredient called saponin which creates a natural lather that is soft on the skin and acts as a natural detergent.
an open refrigerator door with food inside and the words how to make reusable & washable refrigerator liners
How to Make Washable Mats for Fridge Shelves
This DIY power cleaning paste will change the way you clean 🙌✨
store it in an airtight container and pull it out when you need some extra cleaning power 🧼🫧
a jar filled with rolled up white towels next to oranges and lemons on a wooden table
DIY Citrus Olive Oil Dust Wipes
Hello Glow Page not found | Hello Glow
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Home Gift Guides | Wooden Spoons + Cutting Boards Ideas | Skip the Plastic | Sustainable Lifestyle
one of my most used items in my kitchen are my wooden utensils & boards!! If I could go back to when we first got married, i would have invested in high quality wood and taken gooood care of it, skip the plastic
DIY: Lavender Household Cleaner – Plus Free Printable Label Project
DIY Lavender Cleaning Spray + Free Printable Label