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a beekeeper is inspecting the hives in front of a sign that says, how to use hive alive?
Watch our instructions video on how to use HiveAlive. Click on the link to watch the video:
the hive alive logo is surrounded by many swarms of honeybees and bees
HiveAlive: Natural Ingredients & EU Certification
Learn more about independent HiveAlive scientific trials by watching the video! Click the link to watch:
two bottles of hive alive and one bottle of cough syrup
HiveAlive #1 feed supplement for honeybees worldwide
HiveAlive is available in different size for the hobby, sideline and commercial beekeeper: 100 ml will feed up to 10 hives 500 ml will feed up to 50 hives 2 L will feed up to 200 hives You can buy HiveAlive by clicking the link below: Alternatively, you can find a distributor near you by following the link:
a bar chart showing the number of individuals in each county
Science behind HiveAlive
Long term use of HiveAlive has shown a significant reduction in Nosema spores compared to control. Results from independent field trials conducted by Dr. Fani Hathjina. Follow link below for more information on the international trials showing the effects of HiveAlive
the graph shows that there are two different types of hair growth and one is growing
Science behind HiveAlive
Independent Greek trials held by Dr. Fani Hatjina has shown colonies were 89% stronger after 2 years of feeding with HiveAlive. For more information on trial results, click on link below