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an open book with the words against water into reason and got married to hazel 10 years later they had kids and were very happy
The end of the movie will have you fantasizing about alternate endings that don't make you so sad, but then you will regrettably understand that there was no other way.
That ending is perfect!
a man in a suit and tie holding papers
Matt Cz...something or other AKA Cary from The Good Wife AKA Logan from Gilmore Girls
a man sitting in a chair holding a glass and smiling at the camera while wearing a dress shirt and tie
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four different shots of a man sitting in a chair with his hands crossed and drinking from a cup
Josh Charles - Will Gardner, The Good Wife
someone is sitting in a chair with their foot on the floor and texting that reads leave me alone to mourn the deaths of fiction characters i have become overly attached too
The good wife… rip will… one of the best lawyers
a group of people that are posing for a picture with one man holding the other
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I might be getting a tiny thing for Josh Charles... or rather, rekindling a former thing for Josh Charles... #deadpoetsociety #sportsnight
a group of people sitting next to each other in front of a wall with cartoon faces on
The New Yorker March 5, 2012 Issue
ON TELEVISION NET GAIN How “The Good Wife” became the first great series about technology.
a woman sitting on her bed reading a book and holding a wand in one hand
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I think I need a picture like this.
harry potter is holding a wand in front of his face
Harry Potter Cast Patronus
Harry Potter Cast Patronus Harry Potter