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a blue and white poster with the words home design and celebration decoration decor placement storage outlets
Home Design and Celebration Decoration
Learn what home design decisions to make to make decorating your home hassle free. Click through to www.houseplanshelper.com to learn more about home design.
a poster with the words, creating curb appeal learn about the 5 stages of the curb appeal journey
How to create curb appeal
Learn about the 5 stages of the curb appeal journey. Click through to the website for help with your rebuild or renovation.
the floor plan for an apartment
Large master bedroom floor plan. See more at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/master-bedroom-floor-plans.html
the floor plan for an apartment with one bedroom and two bathrooms
Read about the fundamentals of dining room design - including kitchen dining… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/dining-room-design.html
a drawing of a bathroom with the door open
Light up the niches in your bathroom. See more bathroom lighting ideas at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/bathroom-lighting-ideas.html
the floor plan for a living room with furniture
Zone your living room for different activities. Find out how… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/living-room-design-ideas.html
the height of a stool is shown with measurements
Building a countertop eating area? Here are some recommended dimensions. Read more about kitchen dimensions at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/kitchen-dimensions.html
a drawing of a living room with couches and coffee table in the center, on top of a white background
This master bathroom has an internal wall which creates nice separate areas for the toilet and shower. Click through for more master bathroom floor plans… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/master-bathroom-floor-plans.html
the flow diagram shows how to use laundry rooms in different areas of the house, and where they are located
Find out how to go about designing your home office. See the process at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/home-office-layout.html
a drawing of a room with shelves and a fire place in the center, as well as a fireplace
Shelf lighting is a great solution for living room lighting. See more living room lighting ideas at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/living-room-lighting-ideas.html
a diagram showing the size and width of an area with measurements for each piece of furniture
How much space needs to be left around a US sized king bed? Find out more on bedroom design at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/bed-sizes-space-around-the-bed.html
a floor plan for a kitchen with an oven and refrigerator
Here's a U-shaped kitchen with a double width peninsula. Read more about kitchen design at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/u-shaped-kitchens.html
the floor plan for an apartment with one bedroom and two bathrooms
A master bedroom floor plan with a small ensuite bathroom. See more master bedroom floor plans at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/master-bedroom-floor-plans.html
the size and measurements of a person sitting on a chair with their legs crossed out
Where should your coffee table be in relation to your sofa? Find out at… https://www.houseplanshelper.com/conversation-area.html
how to read house plans with blueprints on the wall and floor plan below
How to read house plans
How to read house plans https://www.houseplanshelper.com/how-to-read-house-plans.html #floorplans #houseplans