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the back of a woman's body with writing on her back and hands behind her
the memory of a color
back to words
a man holding up a black poster with the words smile you're designed to
Smile, You're Designed To.
a woman holding a camera in her hands with the words open on it's side
Festival de Cine Exprimental // Piezas Institucionales
an old neon sign that says dance to nite
Dancing To Nite
an orange car with the words i like to travel
I Like to Travel Print
an advertisement for the phono record company, with a red disc in the center
German matchbox label
a poster with an image of a man's face
Wolves like us - Baubauhaus.
an orange poster with the word baus on it's front and back side
Typographie – BASSE DEF Blog – Art, Design, Photographie… – Créer est une bonne résolution
an open suitcase with a record player in the middle and a green disc on top
kavel rafferty.
a bottle of wine with a skull on it
Aesthetics Matter: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Through Visual Content