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Unlock the potential of a pattern language to enhance your design process. Discover how this powerful tool can help you create harmonious and functional spaces that cater to your unique needs.
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The heated comment thread on HTMLGIANT that came up when Michael Jacobson’s new book, The Giant’s Fence, was mentioned, raises a great point about how we approach language. Jacobson advocates a form of writing that he calls “asemic writing”—that is, writing with no semantic content. No one stares at a canvas of abstract art expecting to “read” a message. But when a book of asemic writing is presented, some people gripe and blow it off as a gimmick because there is nothing

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Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most prolific and renowned architects of the 20th century, a radical designer and intellectual who embraced new technologies and materials, pioneered do-it-yourself construction systems as well as avant-garde experimentation,…

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above image: Hypnopaedia by Emigre. PROJECT ONE: Surface Design and Pattern Study - creation and application! Make four final customized wallpaper designs out of type letterforms through constructing, deconstructing, and customizing letterforms from selected fonts. Objectives: Illustrator vector drawing tools and attributes, drawing in the digital environment, pattern design visual language. We will be looking at lots of pattern examples and also studying how pattern is used and applied from…

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