Abandoned Mansions

Uncover the allure of abandoned mansions and their hidden stories. Discover the haunting beauty of these forgotten architectural wonders and get inspired to explore them yourself.

There aren’t too many opportunities to feel like an adventurer in modern times. However, exploring abandoned places and finding unexpected treasures can give you that deep thrill. You might not bring anything physical back to show for your efforts, but the photos you take and the first-hand experiences make for even better souvenirs.

Geo Larsen
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One thing that I firmly believe all human beings share is our inner yearning for adventure. We might try and satisfy this calling with good movies, awesome video games, or top-tier tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons (as a Dungeon Master of several years, I’m guilty of this). However, at the end of the day, there’s no real substitute for going out into the field with your own two feet and starting your very own adventure going into the abandoned and mysterious corners of the Earth.

Michae Jones
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Our fascination with architecture runs deep. We pay attention to the structures around us because of the way it shapes our experiences and tells stories about the culture. To really understand our environment, we can explore cities by strolling down the main streets and learning about history by admiring famous landmarks. For some of us, however, the view from the bottom and from a safe distance is simply not enough.

Irene Moore
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1. An abandoned Playboy mansion in Tennessee The Tiki Palace party mansion was built in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1972 by strip-club tycoon Bully Hull. A Playboy bunny shaped swimming pool just off the main entrance is the focus of the 5,600 sq foot 3-bedroom mansion. The Tiki Palace mansion fell into disrepair when its owner was nicked for income…

Ernest Poore