Acai bowl

Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious acai bowl recipes to start your day off right. Boost your energy and satisfy your taste buds with these easy and healthy breakfast options.
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Hawaii Rainbow Acai BowlIngredients½ banana1 100-g (3.5-oz) pack frozen unsweetened acai berry pulp½ cup frozen strawberries½ cup frozen blueberries½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milkHawaii Rainbow Acai Bowl Topping¼ cup blueberries½ kiwi, peeled and sliced or chopped½ small banana, sliced¼ cup peeled and chopped pineapple or mango¼ cup strawberries, sliced¼ cup granola, optional1 drizzle of raw honey, optionalDirectionsPrepare the Acai puree in a blender; add banana, acai pulp…

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